Welcome to SPARDIANT! We'd like to take a minute to introduce you to our brand and tell you a little about what we think makes us unique. 


We are not automotive detailers at heart, we are chemistry junkies that happen to love our cars. We are a team of professionals that work to blend our professional expertise with our weekend passion, cars and trucks of course! We approach our work with the idea that "good enough" will never be good enough and a project is never fully completed it just evolves. 

About the Founder

Our founder, a nanotechnology engineer that spent the better part of a decade in the semiconductor industry was the one that decided to start this endeavor (okay maybe it was a Deathwish). Originally, SPARDIANT was founded in Florida but the two founding members eventually realized they had very different visions for the company and something had to give. The original founder decided to purchase all assets including name, image and likeness of the brand and moved the corporate headquarters to Erie, PA where it remains today.

Where is SPARDIANT Located?

Along with our corporate office located in Erie, SPARDIANT also maintains testing, bottling and fulfillment operations in the Pittsburgh, PA region.